About Me

I’m an organizational consultant specializing in organizational design, project management, and workplace coaching. I have an MBA in Finance (minor in Economics) but, just as proudly, a B.A. in Theatre (minor in Psychology). Over the years, I’ve had a chance to work in all kinds of jobs in the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. I’ve even worked as an extra on All My Children and, when I was young, waitressed, ran an elevator, laced skates, and handed out keys in a locker room – among many other jobs.  In addition to my passion for the world of work and helping people, I am passionately in love with New York City, where I’ve lived most of my adult life. I’m also hopelessly partial to beautiful upstate New York, where I was born and raised.

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    When will you finish your book? I like what I see so far!

  2. Ronnie Ann Says:

    Thanks Eleanor! Expect to be working on it over the next few months. Hope to done by June. Appreciate your feedback.

    Ronnie Ann

  3. Alvin Says:

    Nice blog, and it’s very helpful too. Will add it to my blogroll 🙂

  4. mel Says:

    Take the irk out of work? I would TOTALLY read that.

  5. Ronnie Ann Says:

    Thanks Mel. Take the Irk Out of Work is partially written in rough draft form and still needs a lot of rework, but maybe one day you will get to read it. Of course first I need to figure out how to take the irk out of writing a book! (-;

  6. SurfaceEarth Says:

    Wow. I did not read your bio prior to blogging with you. Have you read “The Art of Happiness at Work”?

  7. SurfaceEarth Says:

    I also have a site that looks good for organizing books. I’ll get back to you with that.

  8. Ronnie Ann Says:

    Thanks SurfaceEarth. Please feel free to use my e-mail address in the sidebar. And, no I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading The Art of Happiness at Work. I imagine the Dalai Lama’s book has marvelous things to offer. Gee. Hate to think he’s my competition. But at least I can take SOME comfort in knowing we probably have very different life experiences to draw on – unless of course he was a fountain girl at Howard Johnson’s or a skate lacer at a Catskill Hotel – or worked on the Chrysler Loan Workout! (-; (And if he did ANY of that, please let me know.)

  9. joynmsu Says:

    Congrats on the new gig.

  10. jimsmuse Says:

    Nice to see someone else who is passionate about the world of work…I’m definitely going to put you on the “job resources” part of my blog. I hope you’ll come see me there and get involved!

  11. Ronnie Ann Says:

    Thanks jimsmuse! Nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂 Just checked out your blog and love that you’re going to be telling us about cool jobs. Great idea! Good luck with your new blog and, in reference to one of your posts, thanks much for the vote for the best. Ahem. 😉

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