About this Site

Mainly this site is about the world of work – something that’s driven me crazy more times than I care to admit and yet also never failed to fascinate. All too often the workplaces I saw reminded me of a bee hive that gets shaken on a whim. I found myself looking for chances to help people make sense of the madness. Eventually, I wound up turning this avocation into my work by piecing together coaching tips based on real world experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert on every aspect of work by any means…but I’ve come up with a lot of things that people – including me – have found helpful.

And I know many of you also have your own advice to offer – or maybe just some good stories. That’s what Work Coach is about. Sort of a central source for advice and stories for all of us who have to work for a living – at least until that lottery ticket comes through. And sometimes it will just be a place for me to go off on a tangent about some topic probably related to work.

Oh…about the picture at the top of the blog: These are resistors – as in resistance to change. We all have it.  We all can learn to get over it.  Nuff said.


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