About Experts

Just a word about experts. I mention elsewhere that I don’t consider myself one. That’s because I don’t believe anyone knows everything – even about their chosen field of expertise. Although many will claim to have every answer…and if you meet someone like that, my suggestion is to avoid them like the plague.

On this topic, there is a wonderful zen koan (Buddhist teaching riddle) that asks: “What do you do if you meet the Buddha on the road?” The answer is: “Kill him.” Now please understand that’s not a literal suggestion by any means. OK? But the warning is well taken.

Here’s something I found at OrdinaryMind.com that speaks to the meaning of this much better than I could: Ordinary Mind Zendo.

Basically this wonderful teaching device reminds us that even if we’re offered advice, we still need to use our powers of reasoning to decide if the advice makes sense for us. We always have choice.

One Response to “About Experts”

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    […] going to tell you exactly what to say. No one can. And that’s the problem. A lot of “experts” will look you in the eye and assure you there’s a guaranteed way to ace an interview. […]

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